Vendor Management Australlia

Managing Forensic
& Insurance Investigations
for Success


The VMA Value Proposition

  • VMA manage all aspects of timeliness, cost, quality and customer service for Investigations Suppliers.
  • VMA instruct quality Suppliers on a consistent basis; faster and more efficiently than traditional models.
  • Transparency and trust are at the centre of the VMA service offering.
  • Insurers will have access to real time reporting to monitor performance.
  • Insurers will have greater certainty and predictability around cost, which is traditionally difficult to track & trend.
  • Reduced need for administrative tasks, enabling greater focus on Customers.
  • VMA ensures that industry standards of professionalism, performance and expertise are continually aligned with Insurer’s expectations.
  • All VMA Staff are Licenced to conduct Factual Investigations in every State in which we manage work for clients
  • All staff are skilled and professionally trained and have completed all relevant Legislation/Regulation/Policy and other training Modules for their roles including external Privacy and GI Code of Practice Training
  • VMA conducts Desktop Investigations and makes timely determinations and recommendations to clients on issues of claim legitimacy and the veracity of claim circumstances

Scalable Package Options

Conduct Desktop Investigations and provide Investigations Strategy and Advice

Supplier Contract Management

Workflow Allocation and Report Management

Secure Web Link Access to Data

File Management and QA

Advice Model Including Training

Supplier Relationship &
Operational Management

Real Time Bespoke Reporting

Performance Based Allocation if required.

Positions Available

Corporate Consultancy Services

VMA has the ability to assist insurers with a review of their Fraud Management operation to ensure they are adequately mitigating this operational risk. Our 3 staged approach can be delivered either as a whole package or in stages, or tailored to suit the Insurer’s needs.

A Few Things On Our Mind.


  • Review the business operation for adequacy of managing fraud risk
  • Review Products, Process, People
  • Review governance and fraud frameworks
  • Review staff training and capability frameworks

Operational Improvement

  • A clear program of work will be developed to address the areas of improvement identified
  • Program of work created and prioritised based on business needs
  • Agree milestones and implement benefit tracking methodology
  • 3 month health check

Delivery of Services

  • Desktop Review of Claims and Claims Circumstances
  • Desktop Interviews and delivery of claim recommendations
  • Delivery of external Factual Investigations in all States and Territories
  • Provision of Expert Forensic services for all Claim types nationally

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Our Managing Director

Chris Loane

Managing Director

I just wanted to give you a little feedback on the VMA Process to date from our perspective. I have found the whole process to be most helpful in the management of investigations and in our role as a provider to Insurers.

Your service clearly provides a structured defragmentation process with the entire instructional and administrative side of the business, which benefits AIS in real time and efficiency and which no doubt flows onto our mutual clients.
Accident Investigation Services.

Awards & Sponsorship


Winner 2018 IAATI Forensic and Supporting Services Award

On Tuesday 20 March at the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) Australasian Branch Annual Awards night, VMA received the Annual Forensic and Supporting Services Award for our contribution to the investigation of Motor Vehicle Insurance Theft & Fraud for Insurers throughout Australia.

I was honoured to have our great team recognised for all their hard work. Kate and Nathalie were justifiably thrilled with the recognition from their peers and from this wonderful and acclaimed International Body.

Chris Loane – Managing Director

Queensland Policy Legacy Fundraising Day

VMA were once again proud sponsors of the Police Legacy fundraiser this year, with Commissioner Ian Stewart in attendance.

Chris Loane – Managing Director

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