Since the introduction of VMA’s services in 2014, we have found that the professional nature in which they conduct their business and service is exemplary. In turn, this has greatly benefited the operation of our own business and productivity.

VMA have set in place procedures that ensure as much relevant information that is available is obtained on a claim before the job is then handed over to us. At the same time, they continue throughout the course of our examinations, to follow up any information still outstanding, or any further information that we may require in order to fully complete our reporting. Through their Running Sheet setup on their website, we are able to directly keep VMA and co-ordinators updated on our progress on their claim examination, and any further information that we may still be waiting on.

VMA have taken the time to get to know our business and the information that we require in order to carry out our examinations and reporting in a timely and efficient manner. They have listened to our suggestions and requests, and still continue to do so, and work tirelessly to ensure as much of the administration and liaison workload is taken care of, so our forensics team can concentrate on what they do best – forensics.

As a combined team, their understanding of Insurance claims and the importance of specific evidence that we find in our examinations, has been an invaluable asset. On many occasions, VMA have been able to further explain our recommendations in relation to our findings to the Insurer/co-ordinator, and the importance of pursuing further investigations, which has then resulted in a positive outcome for the Insurer.

The overall service that VMA have provided, assists us in the facilitation of our examination process from start to finish, and is greatly appreciated by our team. We can highly recommend their service, expertise and professional conduct.

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